Portrait Photography
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Tweens, Teens & Seniors portfolioTweens/Teens/Seniors are one of our favorite photo shoots! Perhaps it is because at this age they love having their pictures taken and actually care what they look like...(you know, always thinking about their next social media post). We have so much fun on our tween/teen/senior sessions, and surprisingly....they feel the same way during and after the session.
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Families portfolioOh the hassle! Is that how your family feels about having family portraits taken? Then leave the chaos and hassle behind and schedule your next family session with Julie Fleming Photo. Even reluctant husbands walk away from a family session with us saying how easy and fun the experience was. We will even offer wardrobe advice. Offering studio and outdoor photo sessions 7 days a week.
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Team Sports portfolioFrom Little League baseball & softball to recreational leagues for soccer, basketball and football in addition to swim teams, gymnastics & dance...whatever your sport Julie Fleming Photo provides beautiful sports portraits and specialty items. Are you a non-profit? Contact us to see how Julie Fleming Photo participates in fundraisers for non-profit sports teams, organizations and PTAs.
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Pre-School Portraits portfolioLooking for a wonderful fundraiser for your preschool or daycare? Unique Approach Photography loves working with local businesses for fundraisers. Hiring Unique Approach Photography for your preschool pictures offers your parents an easy way to support your school while receiving some beautiful pictures of their student.
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Creative Direction portfolioI often get the question: "What should we wear for our family pictures?" Here you will find some excellent visual samples of outfit ideas. Even if you choose a different color scheme you can see how to "match" without everyone wearing the exact same color. Another area I see clients struggle is with knowing where and how to display their portraits and what sizes to order. Here you will find some samples of how to display your portraits as works of art rather than just having 8x10s and 5x7s scattered throughout your home.
Commercial Photography
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Real Estate Photography portfolio
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Personal Projects portfolio
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Product Photography portfolio
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Food & Beverage Photography portfolio
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